Music Event

  1. Gabber Eleganza Live at 21 Club, Florence, 2017

  2. Cera Khin (Tunis)
  3. DAN (Haunter records

Start like a curated web archive in the 2011, which is a constant research of material mainly focused on the aesthetic side of the post-rave and gabber culture. The purpose is to revalued this subculture ofter denigrated creating a cultural interest.

Gabber Eleganza has gained a re- markable success during these years, especially among those who are not part of the hard-core scene, that’s why - as part of a inner self new challenge, in the 2016 i started taking this project also outside the web doing djset, live performance & art exhibitions.


Florence based platform for radical sound.  Chief operative office Matteo Braccialini (IT) and Alessandro Tafuro (UK)
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